Yansa provides the technology, capital, training and management required to develop and maintain community controlled wind farms. The generated energy is sold to the national grid and profits are reinvested in initiatives set by the community that improve quality of life, including but not limited to the advancement of opportunities in higher education with consideration to gender equality, enhanced access to public water, electricity and waste management services, accumulation of pension funds for retirement security, and improved healthcare services.

The Yansa Group consists of The Yansa Foundation and The Yansa Community Interest Company. The Yansa Foundation works with indigenous, fisherfolk, and peasant communities to facilitate their collective welfare and social advancement through needs assessments, democratic decision-making, project definition and planning, education, training and ensuring the transparent and accountable allocation of funds. The Yansa Community Interest Company is the technical arm of the Group, planning the projects and obtaining all contracts required to secure project financing. It provides communities with the technology, capital, training and management for the effective building and operation of wind farms.