The Yansa group partners with communities to facilitate their direct participation in the just transition to renewable energy while ensuring that the communities retain control over their resources.

We advance environmental sustainability.

 Through our support of community-based renewable energy projects, we advance environmental sustainability. We envision a planet free of fossil fuels, creating a world that is a cleaner and safer place to live, now and in the future.

We create social impact by engaging communities. 

In a world stricken with educational gaps, inaccessible healthcare, inadequate financial security and widespread poverty, Yansa believes that profits from renewable energy projects can and should be utilized to address these global issues. In order to generate such profits, Yansa engages communities, creating partnerships that provide opportunities to foster social impact.

We offer responsible investment opportunities.

Yansa offers responsible investment opportunities in community wind farm projects that provide long-term stability. By working with impact and institutional investors, overall financial costs are lowered and an appropriate risk-adjusted financial, social and environmental return is delivered.

The name “Yansa” was inspired by the under goddess of the Niger River, who in the Yoruba religion represents the power of wind, generating change and transition. Yansa uses the power of wind as a driving force for the democratic transition to renewable energy, generating positive social change.