Oaxaca, Mexico

Yansa’s pilot project is in Oaxaca, Mexico, which is an area rich in wind resources. Here, Yansa is partnering with the Zapotec community of Ixtepec, home to over 30,000 inhabitants.

Ixtepec is a community in the legal sense, with the Mexican Agrarian Laws defining community as the legal figure for indigenous communities that want to keep common ownership and management over their land and resources.With communal property, the community cannot use its land as collateral. It is therefore very difficult for them to obtain the magnitude of financing required to develop and maintain a wind farm.

In 2008, the community of Ixtepec decided that they wanted to build a community wind farm and contacted Yansa in their search for an appropriate partner. Since then, Yansa has undertaken work on wind resource assessment, infrastructure and logistics, environmental permitting and contract negotiation.

The site of the wind farm in Ixtepec is an agricultural area of about 1,000 hectares where agricultural production will be minimally affected by the base of the wind turbine and connecting roads. The wind farm will be comprised of approximately 44 turbines resulting in an installed capacity of 100 MW. In this area, the wind speed average is about 20 miles per hour. The electrical substation, which is adjacent to the proposed site, will connect the wind turbines to the national grid.  The national utility company will purchase the power at a guaranteed fixed price.

In addition to site logistics for the wind farm, Yansa is conducting a study of flora, vertebrates and insects, year-cycle studies on birds and bats and creating community-based biodiversity restoration areas to ensure the safety of wildlife.