The Yansa Group is building an investment platform to finance community-based wind farm projects, offering investors opportunities to advance environmental sustainability and social impact.

The community wind farms will be financed through debt, ensuring community ownership over the project. The loans will be used to build the wind farm and the resulting power will be bought by the Mexican government’s national grid through a guaranteed contract with a fixed price.

Yansa only starts projects on the basis of sold contractual agreements with fixed prices for risk-minimization.


Yansa will assess the impact of the community wind farm based upon community determined priorities and baseline indicators, such as access to education and standard of living, formulated prior to installing the wind turbines. Measuring this impact and evaluating performance is a key component of Yansa’s work. Yansa will work with investors to define an appropriate system to measure and report social impact in accordance with the social, economic and environmental priorities as set by the community.