Ixtepec, a city of 30,000 inhabitants in the south of Mexico, located in the Isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, will be the location of Yansa’s first community wind park project. Ixtepec is a calm city where people still live very peacefully: after sunset at about 6:30pm the city becomes very quiet and most people rest in their hammocks. During the day though, you can meet all kinds of people in the streets: mobile vendors selling local specialities (such as toasted tortillas) or daily necessities (such as gas), but also farmers, who, like today, come to the city centre to apply for governmental support. It’s not easy to find forms of employment in Ixtepec. Although farm land is fertile, many farmers lack mechanical equipment and/or water to make proper use of their land. Instead many depend on subsidies to survive. There’s also no industry in Ixtepec. Young people can hardly find jobs, or can hardly live from the income they can make here, most of them move away to find jobs in other parts of the country. Hope is great that the community wind park project can bring development opportunities to Ixtepec which will be realized by its own community.

My name is Julia, 26, from Germany. I’ve been in Ixtepec for about 3,5 weeks by now – in which I learned a lot more about the community wind park project in Ixtepec, but also about the local traditions and customs as well as about the people here (who are extremely hospitable!). I’m a Master student in Environmental Studies and writing my thesis about this unique project in cooperation with Yansa. Together we want to find out, how the people of Ixtepec want its community to develop – bearing in mind that thanks to the community wind park project, the city of Ixtepec will benefit from the earnings generated by the project as a 50% of the earnings will be invested in the city’s wellbeing and sustainable development. These couple of weeks we have been presenting the project to all kinds of people (for example, farmers, merchants, teachers, and students), and asked them about the areas and projects they would like to see their city to develop and advance in. Based on this information we will then develop a set of indicators which will help us to assess the future social impact of the project. On another occasion I will write more about these very interesting meetings and interviews we are having here almost every day. Hope you will like Yansa’s new website! We will post here as often as we can so that you get a feeling of the community work we are doing here and how the local process is going on, including challenges but also success stories, of course. Greetings from hot Ixtepec (today it must have been up to 40 degrees in the sun…)!